Omega Terra

Season One, Episode One
OT2013.08.10 - OT2013.09.01

2013.08.10 -

  • Tad arrives at Zamrada I Theta D and picks up his newly purchased Corsair, The Galliad.
  • Tad hires the Drifter Cerak onto his crew as a co-pilot and junior mechanic.
  • Kira arrives, having been summoned by Tad, with Agora, her son Astor, and six of his followers in tow.
  • Tad hires Kira on as his steward and medic.
  • Tad hires Agora as a broker and assistant steward. Astor’s followers join.
  • 30 passengers are picked up. 10 High Passage and 20 Low Passage (including the 6 cultists).
  • The Galliad leaves Zamrada I Theta D and plots a course for Tritonia I Zeta.

2013.08.17 -

  • First of three jumps toward Tritonia complete without event.
  • Astor expresses to Agora his opinion of Tad.
  • The Galliad jumps phase two en route to Tritonia.

2013.08.24 -

  • The second of three jumps toward Tritonia completes.
  • The Galliad encounters a large passenger ship.
  • Kira hails the ship to establish friendly intent.
  • They learn the vessel is a lengthy pleasure cruise originating from Asp, parsec 2224. They learn that Asp is a wealthy world that may be worth visiting for profit.
  • Phase three jump commences.

2013.09.01 -

  • The Galliad arrives at Tritonia.
  • Ten High Passage travelers safely disembark. 100,000 Cr. earned.
  • Nine Low Passage travelers survive the trip. 12,600 Cr. earned.
  • Three of Astor’s cultists also perish during the trip.
  • Tritonia starport is on lockdown. A murder investigation is under way. Councilwoman Ruth Varrien has been found shot to death. Starport manager Jorma Zin is suspected.
  • The crew of The Galliad sets out to help prove Jorma’s innocence. Along the way, they discover that Jorma was having an affair with the councilwoman. Other persons present at the starport who they determine to be prime suspects include Jorma’s father, Fidel; and Ruth Varrien’s husband, Bran.
  • Agora converts Jorma to the Astorian faith. In exchange, Astor uses his powers to help prove that Jorma Zin did not kill Ruth Varrien. It is determined that Ruth was terminally ill and committed suicide after failing to find the words to tell Jorma that she was dying.
  • In thanks for their help, Jorma refunds The Galliad’s docking fee and secures the vessel a 10% docking discount at all starports within the subsector.
  • Local politician Venton Trask hires the crew to rescue his son, whose ship he believes has crash-landed on Shikhima I Delta, a world under quarantine since 2009 due to a viral outbreak.
  • On behalf of the crew, Tad accepts the job. 480,000 Cr. is paid by Trask on acceptance, with a second payment of equal value promised upon his son’s safe return.
  • Agora negotiates a purchase of Pharmaceuticals, one ton for 85,000 Cr.
  • While Tad and Cerak load their new cargo and prepare the ship to depart, they are approached by a woman named Vicka. She purchases a Middle Passage, round trip seat to Shikhima.
  • The Galliad makes its first of three jumps toward Shikhima.

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