The Galliad


NAME The Galliad
YEAR/MODEL 1993 Corsair

This recently decommissioned Corsair was well maintained (less 10% maintenance cost) by its previous owners, and also sports an upgraded computer system (model 3, as opposed to model 2). It was sold to Tad through his ally, Valance, who now works for a legitimate enterprise selling used and new spacecraft and other vehicles. Because of their strong ties, Valance worked hard to get Tad the best possible deal on the ship (+10 ship shares) and his managers also approved delay of the mortgage repayment start date by one full additional month (first payment due 2013.10.01). As of the start date of repayment, 121,374,900 credits, plus interest, remain due and must be tendered in full, via monthly installments of 505,728 credits, by the year Omega Terra 2053.10.01.

Hull 7/8
Structure 8
Armor 0
Jump 1
Thrust 3
Computer (Model 3) 15
Electronics (Military Sensors) +0 DM
Hardpoint 1 (Triple Turret) Beam Laser/Empty/Empty
Hardpoint 2 (Triple Turret) Beam Laser/Empty/Empty
Hardpoint 3 (Triple Turret) Beam Laser/Empty/Empty
Fuel Capacity 104/104 Tons
Cargo Capacity 1/160 Tons
Staterooms 10
Low Berths 20
Repair Drones 4
Software (Jump Control) 1
Software (Maneuver) 0
Software (Library) 0
Software (Evade) 2
Software (Fire Control) 2
Software (Auto Repair) 2
Mortgage 505,728
Maintenance 10,710
Life Support 22,000/mo

Total Monthly Upkeep 538,438 Credits


Current Cargo:

Pharmaceuticals (1 Ton) (Purchase Price: 85,000)

Current Damages:

Sensors Disabled, Thrusters -2

The Galliad

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