Tritonia I Zeta

Titonia i zeta


Tritonia I Zeta, Universal World Profile (UWP) E56A334, is a water world located in a binary star system at parsec 2318 of the Colonized Galactic Region. Its atmosphere is a standard oxygen-nitrogen mix, suitable to human life, with planet wide temperatures averaging negative 41 to positive 12 degrees Celsius. Approximately 5,000 people call Tritonia home, living and working on flotillas anchored to its lone starport. Natives of Tritonia I Zeta are largely conservative and unaggressive, though aloof, and subject to a self-perpetuating oligarchy. Notable cultural features include a great amount of attention to hair styling—seen as a more important expression of personality than fashion or accessories—as well as a betrothal ritual unique to Tritonia I Zeta: spouses trade places, living with each other’s families, for typically no less than one year before parents will often grant their blessings to the couple. A thriving ecosystem of water-based lifeforms abounds on Tritonia. The most famous of these, even off-world, is a creature superficially similar to the dolphins of ancient earth; however, they sing like whales. The songs are projected via telepathy into nearby minds. Scientific research has conclusively shown exposure has measurably positive impact on individuals with chronic anxious mood, stress and depression.


  1. Diameter: 5,000 miles (8,000 km)
  2. Density: Molten Core, 0.92 Terra
  3. Mass: .225 Terra
  4. Gravity: .575 Terra
  5. Stellar Mass: 1.7 Sol, 1.11 Sol
  6. Orbital Distance: 2.8 AU
  7. Orbital Period: 1,624.298 Standard Days
  8. Rotation Period: 21,396 Standard Hours
  9. Axial Tilt# 33 Degrees
  10. Orbital Eccentricity: 0.0
  11. Seismic Stress Factor: 0.0


  1. Composition: Standard Oxygen-Nitrogen Mix
  2. Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 1.2 ATM
  3. Stellar Luminosity: 1.741
  4. Orbit Factor: 223.523
  5. Energy Absorption: 0.619
  6. Greenhouse Effect: 1.1


  1. Hydrographic Percentage: 100
  2. Hydrographic Composition: Liquid Water
  3. Tectonic Plates: 7

Tritonia I Zeta

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